Genesis 1:1-2:4, Matthew 28:16-20:  Trinity Sunday

11th June, 2017
On this, the name day of our Holy Trinity centre, Colleen takes us right back to the trinity in Creation and then to Jesus' statement ...[listen]

John 14: 15-21:  The Holy Spirit - The teacher

21st May, 2017
Rev. Philippa Lehmeyer-Collins, our relieving priest for the day, whilst Colleen is in Israel, encourages us to work hard and allow ourselves to be the Holy ...[listen]

John 10: 1-21:  The Good Shepherd

7th May, 2017
We welcome our new vicar Colleen as she preaches her first sermon for us.[listen]

Luke 24:13-35:  Witnesses to the Resurrection

30th April, 2017
Michelle Budhathoki discourses on the "Road to Emmaus" story.[listen]

John 20: 19-31:  Thomas - Now there was a man.

23rd April, 2017
Thomas the achiever.[listen]