Job 1:1-12, 1:20-2:11:  Job and His Troubles

13th July, 2014
We begin our series of Job with an introduction to Job, his family, wealth and faith. We then look at the beginning of his troubles. ...[listen]

Acts 16:25-40:  In God's name we go

22nd June, 2014
The story continues with Paul & Silas in prison, and an earthquake, and fear of the jailer, but Paul stops him from killing himself as ...[listen]

Acts 16:16-24:  Supernatural experience - Not always God

15th June, 2014
Paul and Silas confront a spirit indwelling a slave girl, and this causes trouble for them with the owners, and then the mob who are ...[listen]

Acts 10:34-48:  Conversion - The job of the Holy Spirit

30th June, 2013
The passage is the story of the Peter and Cornelius, continuing with Peter’s speech to the gathering about the acceptability of all who come to ...[listen]