Acts 2:43-3:10: The experience of the Holy Spirit

The passage is about the experience of the Holy Spirit, in the lives of the disciples, both then and now.  The Holy Spirit gave the disciples great love for one another, so that they looked after one another’s needs with generous hearts.  Peter saw the gift of the Holy Spirit as more precious than silver or gold, and through its power, in the name of Jesus, healed a lame man, who then praised God.  We are called to be generous to one another and to be willing to step out in faith and use the gift of the Spirit for the work God calls us to, and Jesus has equipped us for in the giving of the Spirit.  Again, we reflect on the process written on the banner – Stop and know who God is,  Wait for the promise of his Spirit, daily asking for his presence in our lives, Go in do the variety of things God has equipped us to participate in, in giving us himself.



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