This study of the book of Acts spanned three years, with a small section after Easter each year. We have compiled all three sets of sermons here as one continuous sermon series.

Acts 1:1-11:  Why did Jesus leave us?

7th April, 2013
Why did Jesus die for us? Sharon explains.[listen]

Acts 2:1-42:  The coming of the Spirit

14th April, 2013
Sharon clarifies that wanting something, and promise keeping are not the same thing – God’s promises are kept, but not everything we want we get.  ...[listen]

Acts 2:43-3:10:  The experience of the Holy Spirit

21st April, 2013
The passage is about the experience of the Holy Spirit, in the lives of the disciples, both then and now.  The Holy Spirit gave the ...[listen]

Acts 4:1-22:  Conflict, a reality of life in the Spirit

28th April, 2013
Sharon discusses how conflict, although ever-present, can be used for growth.[listen]

Acts 6:8-10 & 7:54-60:  How do we get insight?

19th May, 2013
Alasdair looks at the story of Stephen, who understood Jesus as the key to understanding his history, and God in his life.  We must be ...[listen]

Acts 8:26-40:  God is not far from any of us

26th May, 2013
The passage is reminding us that God is not far from any of us.  There three three thoughts here: God is never far ...[listen]

Acts 9:1-17:  God's makeover of Saul

9th June, 2013
The passage is the story of the conversion of Saul.  Can people change?  Yes, but it takes the power and presence of God to make ...[listen]

Acts 10:9-33:  God’s makeover of Peter

16th June, 2013
The passage is the story of the Peter and Cornelius, and what God did to change Peter’s understanding of who is acceptable. [listen]

Acts 10:34-48:  Conversion - The job of the Holy Spirit

30th June, 2013
The passage is the story of the Peter and Cornelius, continuing with Peter’s speech to the gathering about the acceptability of all who come to ...[listen]

Acts 16:16-24:  Supernatural experience - Not always God

15th June, 2014
Paul and Silas confront a spirit indwelling a slave girl, and this causes trouble for them with the owners, and then the mob who are ...[listen]

Acts 16:25-40:  In God's name we go

22nd June, 2014
The story continues with Paul & Silas in prison, and an earthquake, and fear of the jailer, but Paul stops him from killing himself as ...[listen]

Acts 19:1-22:  How deep is your love?

31st May, 2015
Is your love limited? by lack of knowledge? by Stubbornness? by pretence and falsehood, or by thinking its a formula? No the love of God ...[listen]

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